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I’m gonna be the annoying metal purist now, but I never got how Tyr could be remotely considered folk. It’s got no traditional instruments, the songs are slow and boring and not really folk at all… it’s viking metal.

And blessed were the days when Turisas made folk metal too and not that Turisas2014 poppy crap.

And want some good, promising, ORIGINAL folk metal?

Tengger Cavalry.

Chinese folk metal with Mongolian instruments. Surpass THAT. \m/

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Anonymous said: Hey, sorry to bother, I've read the asoiaf but haven't been watching the GoT series (exactly because it began disappointing me too much). Could you say what happened in the 4x03 between Jaime and Cersei?

Hey, no problem at all! Needless to say, spoilers for the last episode below the cut. :P

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I rarely do posts about fandoms, but I was so concerned too after the last episode of Game of Thrones. It touches me deeply mainly because Jaime is one of my fav characters and I’m so attached to his redemption arc, like most of the book readers, I suppose. The TV series suddenly shows him in a very bad light, AGAIN, and this pisses me off on so many levels. I was curious to know what GRRM would have thought of the adaption of this scene, and this is his response. I agree with him completely. It’s true that the timeline is different, it’s true that in the show Jaime and Cersei are quarreling more than in the books, but some specific changes were so unnecessary, because they made the scene appear disturbing for the wrong reasons.

It seems that Jaime does what he does to punish Cersei, moved more by anger, than hunger/love. And Cersei keeps crying and sobbing, in short, she becomes a victim. I’m starting to think the writers have chosen this “rapey” variation to make the watchers feel really bad for Cersei (generally an hated character). If this is the reason, sure Jaime doesn’t needed such reversion, in exchange. T___T 

This also makes me think how much a reader/watcher is inclined to “forgive” (or, at least, try to understand) a character that you used to really love, despite his/her behaving like an asshole at some point of his/her story. TV!Jaime will have hard times, since he already started like a questionable character. I read that many people who was starting to like him, now are thinking: “I’m done with you. You haven’t changed, afterall!” 


(forever sobbing)

(p.s. to anyone who wants to discuss about this, feel free to do it!)

What Shisleya said, so much. I hated this scene too. What annoys me most it’s that it’s completely unnecessary from a strategic standpoint, if their strategy was to make Cersei more sympathetic, because Cersei already is more sympathetic than in the books – and also generally more interesting, ambiguous and layered too. The writers and the actress have done a better job making her more relatable and interesting than the entirety of A Feast for Crows but never letting us forget she’s actually a horrible, irksome woman; now that rape scene just cheapened their efforts and took the easy way out by giving her a victim card.

And as for Jaime it seems like they either wanted to undo his entire redemption arc and make him as despicable as he was before his maiming. Or, more worryingly, I feel the writers (or worse, the viewers) may think his actions are understandable (even forgivable) in this specific case because they were done by a newly sympathetic, fairly righteous character, against a despicable hateful woman.

Meaning it leads the viewers into the age-old comfy mysoginist reasoning that “Yes, rape is awful, but she deserved it as punishment for being the worst”, and THAT I can’t forgive. I honestly don’t think their intention was to portray rape in a righteous light, rather I feel they just really wanted to make Jaime go back to his asshole self (in a rather uncharacteristic way, since his sister’s always been one of the few people he genuinely loves and is willing to treat kindly), but considering the average (young, male) viewers’ attitudes towards female characters on TV, whether good or bad characters (hi Skyler), I find it, shall we say, irresponsible to show rape as anything but the most despicable act only done by the worst vermins of the earth. Of which Jaime, however many his faults, is not, especially by GoT standards.

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id like to thank dogs for existing 

They certainly make my life 300% better.

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So here I am doing this proofreading gig to pass time and make a few bucks since a potential illustration job fell through. It’s a novel written by the mother of a guy I’ve formerly worked with.

It. Is. SO. Bad.

Like really, really piece of crap writing. Definitely not the first piece of crap I’ve ever proofread for publishing, or even the worst at that. But it’s so badly written and stupidly plotted it makes wanna cry as I read about the contrived coincidences the resident mary-sue goes through.

Anywho, it got me thinking about fanfiction writers, and how unfarily they’re treated. For most people outside the world of fandom geekery, and indeed even most people inside it (since fic writers and readers comprise only a small portion of fandoms), fanfiction has this unfair taint, like it’s an inferior way of artistically expressing yourself AND of paying homage to something as a fan.

Fic writing is for losers who have no skill and creativity to think of stories and characters by themselves and who’ll never become “real writers” until they grow out of their derivative geekery. Fanfiction = My Immortal. Or 50 Shades of Grey, or other crap.

And that’s gotta be one of the most unfair labels I’ve ever seen.

I’m not actually a big fanfiction reader; unless it’s about fandoms I really, really obsess over, my attention span usually can’t handle it. But those that I did bother to read, oh my how they were worth it. Fandoms as distant as Final Fantasy, Harry Potter, Monster or Breaking Bad have produced some real diamonds inspired by their respective universes.

Fans who offer unique, deep and nuanced insight into the minds of characters (whose limited screentime in canon never seems enough); who manage to plot out intriguing events within the boundaries of verisimilitude in the original work and yet make the most unlikely situations seem absolutely believable, if not downright probable; fans with such a skillful command of their craft that their prose alone makes it worth the read, succeeding where so many dull “professionals” fail. These people can add so much to one’s experience of the original work; they can change it for the better forever.

But most of fanfiction is crap, critics argue. For every decent little ficlet there’s a river of shit you have to wade through! Well, duh: Sturgeon’s law. Most of everything is crap. Most books, movies, series, songs, games, anything requires you to wade through the shit first to find the real gems. It’s not the genre that defines the crappiness; a mediocre arthouse film in black and white will very likely be inferior to a good fanfic about the silliest, most inane casual game you can think of. A good example is this shit I have to proofread right now.

So, this is my shout out to those who dedicate themselves to creating something that’s never gonna bring them any money or recognition – but can bring the readers so many different feelings and experiences. Well done.

2013 review meme stolen from falafel14’s LJ

1. Your main fandom of the year?
Easy. Breaking Bad and Monster, hands down. Actually those aren’t fandoms, they’re life-changing masterpieces.

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oh god oh god oh god Jesseeee what’s gonna happen to you *gross sobbing*

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Ok, rant time!

Hoje eu finalmente assisti o comercial “Be more Dog”. Já tinha visto esse vídeo ser compartilhado no Facebook, mas quando vi do que se tratava, não fiquei interessada. Especialmente porque a maioria das pessoas que estavam compartilhando não são fãs de gatos. Sinceramente, achei bonitinho e engraçadinho. O comercial em si não me despertou raiva, apenas um ligeiro incômodo. O que me deixou realmente irritada é essa mania de algumas pessoas de achar que o único modo de um animal de estimação ser “bom” é se ele se parecer com um cachorro. 

Quer dizer… eu tenho dois gatos. Um vive comigo, outro com a minha mãe. Ambos são extremamente carinhosos, companheiros, brincalhões. Mas não de maneira… canina. Do jeito deles. Como os bons gatos que são. Não quero um gato que se pareça um cachorro; se quisesse adotar um cãozinho, já teria adotado. Não; eu gosto deles assim e quero que eles continuem assim. Cada animal é único. Você vai encontrar gatos que são muito independentes, bravos, arredios. E também pode encontrar os que são mansos e mais carentes de atenção, que vão subir no seu colo e se esfregar o tempo todo em você. Mas é assim. Não só gatos, mas outros animais também. Inclusive os racionais. São todos diferentes. E é preciso paciência e compreensão para se relacionar com eles. 

Uma vez me disseram: “Ah, mas os gatos não ligam para o dono. Você acha que um gato te defenderia de um ladrão? Ele fugiria, porque não liga pra você.” Eu queria bater na pessoa com um pedaço de pau. Quer dizer que se a criatura não está disposta a morrer por mim, então é só um interesseiro, que não liga pra mim. Que bom. Esse vai ser meu novo padrão pra amizades: “Oi, você está disposto a morrer por mim, a entrar na frente de uma bala caso alguém atire na minha direção?” Pois pra mim, isso sim é ser um tremendo imbecil interesseiro. Ninguém deveria pensar em exigir de outra criatura esse tipo de sacrifício. Muito menos deveriam considerar esse tipo de ato, um padrão pra se avaliar o quanto alguém se importa. Pra mim, chega a ser doentio pensar isso. 

Você não precisa querer ter todos os animais do mundo em sua casa. Eu tenho medo de alguns insetos, por exemplo. Não precisa gostar de bicho x ou y, mas respeite. Creio que é como lidar com as pessoas: é necessário afinidade para a amizade crescer. Eu gosto de gatos porque nos adaptamos bem. Eles precisam de espaço, e eu também. Eu adoro os cachorros que encontro por aí. Na rua, na casa de outras pessoas. Não sei se tenho personalidade pra criar um cãozinho. Mas felizmente, tem muitas pessoas que tem. E para criar outros animais também. E essa é a grande graça: pessoas diferentes, animais diferentes. Pena que seja difícil pra alguns entenderem. 

Por isso, se a pessoa ama cães, que tenha cães. Se ama coelhos, passarinhos, tartarugas, cobras, borboletas, peixes, tubarões, ótimo, crie-os com carinho e respeito e eles retribuirão esse amor. Cada um da sua maneira. E isso não é ruim, pelo amor de deus.

Véi na boa, todas as pessoas que falam dos gatos baseadas nesses estereótipos de traiçoeiro, esnobe, etc etc, são sempre aquelas que nunca tiveram um. Aliás, cachorro também; quem diz que cachorro é bobão e faz de tudo pra agradar o dono evidentemente nunca teve que encontrar a sala toda destruída pela fúria vingativa de um cachorro. XD

O ser humano vive pra rotular e estereotipar os outros, e esta parece ser a função principal da mídia em geral, e da publicidade em particular. Gênero, raça, orientação sexual, nacionalidade, espécie animal, tudo que puder ser usado como metonímia para qualquer um dos bilhões de indivíduos do mundo, será.

E fala sério, gente que fica menosprezando outros bichos como se fosse uma competição são tão patéticos quanto gente que fica comparando fandoms e ships. ‘-’ Eu já ouvi tantas histórias de gatos de personalidades diferentes; uma amiga minha diz que a gata da mãe dela apanha os hibiscos do jardim e vai distribuindo, um a um, sobre os degraus da escada até chegar no quarto da dona. Tipo, a gata é mais romântica do que 99% dos homens. XD

Probably the most only useful addiction I’ve ever found. I’m learning the basics of French and German AND having fun, haha! The translation teaching method has been reviled by a lot of teachers and courses but IMO it works fine. What matters is practice and repetition anyway.

I can even translate “sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger” without looking. :P










what the fuck is going on with brazil? why have I not heard of this?

The first I heard about this was a very short bit on BBC news this morning. Someone is not doing their job properly.

What’s happening? I’m confused, in my country (Italy) this news has no spotlight, I just read in a brief article that 50000 people protested against the high costs of the World Cup, but damn, these photos show much more than 50000 people! °_° I get very angry when news are falsified in this way!

Okay, lemme try to explain the situation. The protest started after the government increased the price of the bus passport in 20 cents. People started going to the streets to protest against it, but in little time things spread and now its a fight against all forms of corruption that have been happening in Brazil. It’s not only for 20 cents, it’s because of all the years that the government has been shitting on Brazilian people.

Unfortunately many aspects of Brazil’s infrastructure are just terrible. There are no good public schools, no efficient public hospitals, people are dying in the corridors of hospitals because there’s no room or bed for them, the violence in the streets is incredibly high amidst many other problems. People really disliked the fact that the government invested some much in building and reforming stadiums for the World Cup 2014 while other, much important aspects of our country need improving.

Another aspects of our sad reality are the fact we have an open racist and homophobe evangelist leading the Commission of Human Rights. Marcos Feliciano says black people are cursed people, descending from some cursed son of Noah from Africa (or something like that), he also says that being gay is a disease. He said all that in his Twitter account. He even managed to make his proposal of a ‘gay cure’ be approved in his commission.  The ‘gay cure’ says that psychologists can treat homosexuals as if they were diseased, as if they could be cured for being homosexual. The Council of Medicine and Psychology is revolted by this.


Other absurd new laws in progress of being approved are the ‘Unborn Child Statute’, that basically prevents RAPED women to go through an abortion. If approved, women pregnant of STILLBIRTH and ANENCEPHALIC babies will be FORCED to go through the ENTIRE gestation! And women who suffered NATURAL ABORTION will be under the risk of being investigated by the authorities. The authorities will also give some sort of financial aid to RAPED woman so they can raise their fruit of violence.


These are just some of the problems brazilians have been going through. If I were going to tell ALL THE PROBLEMS, this post would become gigantic.


With this image, people are also revolted with the press coverage. Our media is incredibly lead by sensationalism, so they cover whats happening the way they want. They always focus on the violent side of the manifest, showing almost only the vandalism and “forgetting” to show the peaceful, organized side of the protest, so the mass can think the riots don’t have a cause for this, or that they are just looking for trouble.


What these pictures say is that the media has been telling people that there are only about 50.000 brazilians on the street, while the photos clearly show that there’s more than 1 million people!

Nay has covered most of it, so these are just my two cents:

Another HUGE problem in Brazil is the government corruption. Now, of course one can’t do something so vague as “ending corruption” only with protests, but politicians have become, shall we say, so emboldened by their own excessive power and impunity that corruption can’t even be considered illegal anymore – they go so far as to vote for raises for their own salaries (a lowly alderman makes well over ten minimum wages; senators and members of parliment have privileges bordering on outrageous) and to vote constitutional amendments to increase their own powers in judging certain cases, basically giving the Congress power over the Public Ministry (i.e. public promoters) in matters of law.

Furthermore, it’s been well documented that we pay some of the highest taxes in the entire world while having very low HDI; the cost of living in the major cities is getting increasingly expensive (especially Rio, because of the World Cup and the Olympics) and yet public services are as crappy as ever, while steadily increasing in costs (like the bus fare, for eg.). The big changes and constructions are made for these events, when tourists can come and throw their money at Brazilian entrepreneurs, but nothing is done to improve the average living condition.

This type of thing has always been going on for decades with no hope for improvement (when you have to vote for “the least bad” politician instead of the better one, you can tell elections aren’t much of an improvement), but this year they took such outrageous turns (like the racist, homophobic religious maniac elected for representing human rights, or greedy rich farmers elected to represent the rights of natives and conservation of their lands) that suddenly things exploded.

The 20 cents of the bus fare were simply the trigger (mostly because in some cases, like Rio, the mayor specifically promised they would not rise), and while they certainly aren’t the only complaint, they are a starting point.

Now, I feel this is important: it is not a civil war by any means. Since the beginning the protests have been focused on being pacific and controlled, but they were met with barbaric repression from the police as well as criticism from mainstream media. Now that they are truly gaining strength a lot of the ignorany, reactionary media pundits are backing away and starting to support the movement, because both the media and the politicians are seeing they’ll be on the losing side if they keep ignoring this for too long.

Speaking as someone who hasn’t been to the protests (I was at work until 9 p.m during the last major protest lol) but who knows people who have been, it seems the rallies are mostly really peaceful (there have been vandals and rioters, though the media is starting to understand they do not represent the intentions of the movement), the police violence seems to have subdued, and daily life in Rio hasn’t changed much. The rallies happen in appointed times, they are mostly peaceful and don’t seem to affect much (in terms of problems in infrastructure) other than traffic.

The political climate here is very determined to change, but personally I’ve never felt this unsure about the future. I have high hopes this will help this country change for the best.



…up to 200,000 people angry with high costs and poor public services took to the streets. Protesters in Rio de Janeiro burned cars and looted buildings as police attempted to disperse them with teargas and rubber bullets. Aerial images showed thousands of people attempting to storm the congress building in Brasilia. The rallies…are some of the biggest ever seen in the country…


Wow, the video in the link makes all protesters look like vandals.

While last thursday was very violent here in São Paulo, yesterday protests in most cities went on without much casualties. Protesters continually begged for nonviolence and were quick to reprimand those who tried to cause ruckus,

Although I was not present there during the rally, dozens of friends and acquaintances were and reported the same, peaceful march.

Whoooa, talk about bullshit. In the last protest in Rio (on Monday) there was ONE burned car, and a few defaced buildings and statues, caused by a very small minority of vandals. We’re talking about 100,000 people peacefully marching and protesting versus some 20 barbaric assholes who took advantage of the movement to vandalize and depredate buildings (and a car). The peaceful marchers were at all times yelling “No violence!” and “No political parties!” when someone tried to get out of line or show banners of specifc parties. Unfortunately it’s not always possible to contain a little bunch of rogues armed with molotov cocktails.

And btw, after it was all over, the protesters formed a new joint effort to repaint the buildings that were defaced.

This is exactly what I needed to read. I recommend it to everyone who feels they’re too old to achieve anything in life.


After the recent news of a live-action TV series based on Monster, questions regarding possible changes done to the story inevitably began to rise, most of them worried about Tenma’s nationality/ethnicity being whitewashed and the setting of the plot being moved from Germany in the late 1980’s…

An essay I’ve been writing for the past week. I just love it when a work of literature is good enough to rekindle the university feels in me. |D

Warning: it’s a goddamn DINOSAUR. It’s actually not as detailed and thorough as I wished it was, but what the heck, I had to finish it some day.

Reblogging here because I’m kinda proud. <:3

I’ve done it, I made a Monster-exclusive blog: (I know, I know, I deserve a headshot for that title |D)

Now I can write and draw and reblog aaaaall kinds of crap Monster-related 

All day long ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

And Moths will return to its usual boring stuff and my poor followers can be spared

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ok guy I’m gonna look for HBO Johan(yes, that’s what we’re calling him).

I’m going deep guys.

I’m searching for actors that look good in drag

You might want to check out Cillian Murphy. He’s done a couple of movies where he’s dressed in drag and has…

I think this guy has the potential to be a good Johan:

Simon Woods from HBO’s Rome. His character (Emperor Augustus) was a cold, manipulative, heartless bastard, which partially fits the bill for Johan. Add a sweet smile and a honey tongue inviting you to kill yourself, plus a measure of psycho-crazy stares, voilà: a Johan for you. :P Woods also played Mr. Bingley from Pride and Prejudice, so at the very least the boy can be versatile.